Health Of Birds

Feathered pets can increase bright and charming family . Estimates that more than 5 million households in the United States pet birds . Bird owners should know that imagesalthough they may be highly intelligent pets , clean companions , they can carry the bacteria make people sick .

Birds from human germs can cause a variety of diseases , the from mild skin infections to serious diseases. These diseases are rare in the United States , but the best to be safe , and to take measures to keep yourself and your bird 's health.

One can protect themselves from contact with sick birds is the best way to be with you or running water and soap thoroughly wash their hands after their droppings . Routine veterinary care and some simple health tips , you're less likely to get touching, stroking , or possession of the birds sick.

Click on the tab above the relevant details of the selection of birds , the list of diseases people can get from birds , as well as information on how to stay healthy yourself and your 
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