Abnormal behavior of animal

In the abnormal behavior of the type shown in captivity animals are
self-injurious behavior (SIB). Self-injurious behavior indicates that
involve biting, scratching, hitting, plucking , or any activity that may
result in eye poke self-mutilation . Although the low incidence of
its report , a series of self-injurious behavior in primate species observed
, especially when they experience social isolation in infancy .

from bite to bite relates to a person’s own body , usually the arms ,
legs , shoulders, or genitals . Bite bite threat relates to a person’s
own body , usually the hands, wrists or forearms , and in aggressive observe
r ,
same species, or staring at the mirror . Since combat relates to any part of
the body against itself. Eye poke is an act ( widely observed in primates )
pressed a knuckle or finger into the space above the orbital track .

Plucking the hair is applied to a spastic movement ‘s own hair with both
hands or teeth , resulting in the removal of excessive.pets (1)

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