AMAZON parrots have a long and storied history as the owner of the song ,
in part because their colorful personalities.

Amazon Society former president , he said , Amazon closed enjoy
showing their talent , like being the center of attention. “You usually
see on television singing yellow pillow Amazon audience always laugh ,
not just because of talent, but also because of the bird itself . Amazon
puff their cheeks feathers and swinging , jumping and head Bob and show
off they are real ham . ” her Amazon, Lola , love to sing Barry Manilow
‘s ” hut song . ” ” she entered singing, ” her name is Lola , she was in
the America’s Cup , the America’s Cup Kaba satisfied a showgirl ” above
her lungs , then let the song herself interrupted by a variety of other
phrases and opera arias . it was hysterical .” she added that the double
yellow-headed Amazon is for their opera voices famous. “They can run like no
other parrot scale .”

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