People living in long-term care facilities , such as shelters or nursing home
, experience health benefits from pets . Pets help them cope with the
emotional problems of their disease . They also offer physical contact with
another organism , which is often missing in their lives. Based on the size
of a nursing home pet pet , choose the amount of care that the breed needs,
and the population size and health institutions through a screening
process for a pet , if it is a dog , additional training course to become
therapy dogs there are three types of therapy dog ??: dog animal
assisted therapy treatment plants dogs, and therapy dogs visit. The most
common treatment is a therapy dog ??visitation dogs. These dogs are
domesticated pets handler requires time to visit hospitals, nursing homes ,
detention facilities and rehabilitation facilities. different pets need
different amounts of attention and care . For example , a cat than a dog may
have a low maintenance requirement.images (5)

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