Another feature of cloning

Another feature to distinguish from the original clone clone is epigenetic
changes : Major changes to the DNA and cause changes in gene expression ,
which is leading to important changes in histones appearance and behavior .
Since Epigenetics is different in different organizations , and in the life
of an animal , the animal had a special pattern of gene expression changes
in its original cloning distorted in the process of organization , especially
when used for cloning animals are taken when old. images (10)Finally , most
poorly maintained cloning epigenetic modification ( although some are better
– for example, the main form of epigenetic changes are made ??to the technical
dedifferentiation of differentiated cells , it is expected that these
somewhat different phenotypes ) . The bottom line is that while cloned
animals may be more similar to the original than its sibling , it will not
be as similar as identical twins ( which is very similar epigenetic ) ;
and there may be mitigating these differences to some extent approach.

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