Birds Body Language Further

Beak birds will often rub eat, remove debris, such as food after wiping their
habitat or cage bars beak.
Peak position Some birds, such as cockatiels, parrots and parrot headed eagle,
the bird has to raise or lower, indicating the emotional state crest. If you
have one of these types of birds, watching to see what prompted the birds to
increase its peak; it is the excitement, fear or happiness?
Trembling and shivering bird bath after shaking; their chest involuntarily
contract and expand to create a body. When a bird may also occur trembling,
he was very excited. Quaker parrot is known as the “earthquake”, which is how
they got their name.
Flapping wings of birds often perch and clasped flapping its wings as if to
fly off. They do this exercise when they’re happy, and it can also become part
of the breeding behavior.
Head bobbing bobbing head may indicate a bird is anxious to go somewhere with,
or are you trying to combine his rumination with you. Very young Bob parrot
their heads a lot, because doing so quaker parrot.
African gray parrot head shake shake their heads a lot, as if something in
his ear. Still not sure why they do it, but it is normal behavior of the

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