Body Language Of The Birds

Bird novices sometimes fast and misjudged their bird behavior, I do not know
why they received a bite, or why some beautiful bird flapped their hands.
Whether you want to do a bird, or move out? If you begin to understand what
a bird body semantics, it is very easy to read the behavior of birds. Here
are just a few highlights:

Eye parrot pinned in light eyes, you may notice that the pupil dilation and
out, the birds become excited. This often happens in the Amazon parrots,
macaws, Poicephalus Africa and gray, but can occur at any parrot. Eye pinning
means a highly excited state – this is not a good time to stick your finger
into your parrot face – you may just get a nasty bite.
Flaring birds shake their tail feathers after finishing or release tension,
but tail torch is different; this is when the tail is open like a fan. Amazon
parrots that easily, but other types of parrots do this. This suggests
that the excited state, and often with the eyes pinning appears.
Click beak beak may indicate an excited state of clicks, you can be away
from the warning.
Birds will ruffle feathers fluffy and finishing after removing the debris,
fluff his feathers, and his hair feathers, when it is cold. If there is a
bird feather he filmed constantly, birds may become ill, and trying to keep

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