Cat food

Cats are obligate carnivores , although most commercial cat food contains
animal and plant material supplements of vitamins, minerals and other images (14)
nutrients. Cat food formulated to solve specific nutritional requirements
of cats , especially those containing the amino acid taurine, as cats can
not thrive taurine -deficient diet.

Put a little thought into your feed your cat (S) can have a big
in their lifetime what is likely to help them avoid serious , painful,
and costly disease . More and more nutrition -savvy veterinarian ,
including board-certified veterinary medicine , are now strongly
recommended canned food instead of dry kibble feeding.

Three key negative issues associated with dry food are:

1 ) The water content is too low

2 ) carbohydrate load is too high

3 ) the type of prodownload (6)tein – based on plant-based high animal protein

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