” Cockatiels are very sweet and charming little guy , ” Louisiana Lisa Alexis
said. She has a 2 -year-old male whitefaced cinnamon mutation cockatiels ,
Snoopy , who loved to sing. “He is my friend rarely use a loud voice when he
was just a baby on the way , back home in the car , my dad looked at him and
began to whistle . Snoopy out his travel cage and whistled back . This this
is how it all began . he could whistle up a storm. he likes to see him in the
mirror and whistles that beautiful bird reflection. he will for several hours

a day to do it . ”

“I believe that is the best cockatiels whistle / singer , ” Becky said Danny
, Ontario, Canada . She has named Sydney whitefaced – pied mutation cockatiels
. “He knows several different whistles , which I taught him to do , because I
send him with my fingers every time I took him to Belleville Super pets to
work , the ability to surprise his obligation to fulfill his people . He is
a great bird , I would not give up his world .

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