Dog food

What is the best recommendation is different dog food . Some people think
eating dogs for thousands of years , and commercial dog food leftovers and
waste from their human owners ( this is usually only in the past century )
contain poor quality meat , additives and other ingredients dogs should not download (2)
be ingested , or commercial dog food has no nutritional sufficient for their
dogs. Most store-bought pet food come in dry form , also known as kibble or
wet canned form .

Barley, peach face made ​​of dross , or both mixed together skim’d with
broth or milk , is very proper food . For the change is made from the
tallow supplies, flour mixed with them a small amount of diesel is pressed ;
or sheep ‘s feet and baked or boiled , it is a very good diet , when you
indulge them with flesh should always be cooked . Your dog’s hunting season ,
this is the right before feeding them at night , they do not give you take
them out in the morning , except a little milk . If you stop for your snack
in the day , you should also have a little milk and bread to refresh your dog.  images (15)download (3)

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