Pets history is intertwined with the process of domestication of animals ,

probably dogs , as the first domesticated species , is the first pet .download (5)
Perhaps the first step of domestication , mainly by capturing young wildlife
pets wide range of human practice . Eventually, expand working relationships

between dogs and their human captives. Dogs are more efficient ,
with a strong chin , and is better at tracking prey ; therefore ,
it may be of great use in hunting and guard duties.

Throughout history , animals have played a key role in human life. People
began to rely on animal food, clothing , and transportation. In times
throughout history and in many cultures around the world , animals are
also the focus of religious worship .

While the animal remains a lot of traditional uses around the world ,
the role of animals in society has changed . In the past few hundred years ,
there has been a substantial increase in the number of animals saved pure
companionship and happiness.

Here is some interesting information about the relationship between humans
and animals over time developed a way . download (6)

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