Fish food

Fish food usually contains a lot of nutrients , trace the need to maintain
rearing fish , healthy elements and vitamins . About 80% of aquarium fish
breeders fed specially prepared most commonly in the form of tablets, pills download (3)
or tablets produced food . [ 8 ] in the form of pellets , which some receivers
quickly , typically used for larger fish species such as feeding or bottom
loach or catfish . [ Citation needed ] Some fish foods also contain additives
, such as ß- carotene or sex hormones , artificial colors enhance the
ornamental fish .
The fish in pet food is heavily preserved during the manufacturing process
using a chemical preservative called ethoxyquin, which is known to be a
cancer-causing agent.

Ethoxyquin is banned from use in human food except in very small
quantities allowed as preservatives in spices. download (4)

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