Animal breeding domesticated animals in captivity oldest documented instances.
Eventually leading to wild animals get used to this process, the compan
y ‘s
survival , or by human labor . Domesticated species are those that behavior ,

life cycle, or physiology has been changed to the next generation of
multi- control , the results of their breeding and living conditions .
Perhaps the earliest known domesticated animal is a dog , easy early
hunter-gatherers in 15,000 BC in multiple locations .

Throughout history , not only domestic animals, pets and animals in
captivity under human care , but also wildlife. Some people attempt
failed domestication . Moreover, in times past , mainly the rich , nobles
and kings collected a variety of reasons wildlife. On the contrary ,
fierce and natural behavior of wild animals domesticated save and display.
Today’s zoo claimed other reasons to keep human care , the animals :
conservation, education and science.

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