History of pet insurance policy

The first pet insurance policy by the Krasnoyarsk Kyosha in 1890 .
Virgin founder Länsförsäkrings Union, when he focused on horses and
livestock. In 1947 the first pet insurance sold in the UK.
As of 2009, the British have pet insurance in the world ( 23% ) of the
second highest , , second only to Sweden. In 1982 , the first pet
insurance is sold in the United States , and issued to the TV’s Lassie by
a veterinarian Pet Insurance (VPI).

1890 – The first pet insurance policy was written by Claes Virgin, founder of
Länsförsäkrings Alliance. At that time, he focused on horses and livestock.

1924 – The first dog received insurance coverage in Sweden. It was soon
followed by a policy written in Britain in 1947.

1982 – The famous TV dog Lassie received the first pet insurance policy
in the United States, issued by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI)).

1989 – Pet health insurance was introduced into the Canadian market by
Petplan (now Western Financial Insurance), MediPet and Petsure.

2007 – The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) was
founded to establish and maintain universal and professional standards for
terminology, best practices, quality and ethics in the pet health insurance
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