How to find your lost pet in USA : step by steps guide

Finding a Lost Pet is not a easy task. However you can start following steps to find your loving pet ASAP.

  1. Contact Animal Agencies

Immediately telephone all humane societies, animal care and control agencies and animal protection organizations within a large radius in order to file a report. Use our local contact list for help and take advantage of the free services on this site. It is recommended to visit us every 24 hours to search for your pet.

  1. Search the Neighborhood

Walk and/or drive through your neighborhood several times a day. Early morning and sunset are prime times. Talk to anyone whom may have seen your cat or dog, such as joggers, mail and newspaper carriers.

  1. Notify Others

Call your veterinary clinics, especially those who offer boarding for cats and dogs. Injured pets are often taken to a veterinarian for care prior to transfer to an animal shelter.

  1. Use the Power of Scent

Place a recently-worn article of clothing in your yard; for litter box trained cats place their box outside. Familiar scents can bring your cat or dog home.

  1. Advertise

Post fliers at all public places. Place an ad in the classified section of your local paper. Offer a reward. Contact WVIN 98.3 to list with their Pet Patrol.

  1. File a Report

Don’t assume your cat or dog has been stolen. More cats and dogs stray from home than are stolen. However, if you have evidence notify your police and animal control departments immediately.

  1. Don’t Give Up!

Keep searching even when you have little hope left. Cats and dogs who have been lost for months have been reunited with their owners.

More Information

Preventative Measures

Always keep a collar and identification tag on your cat and dog. An ID tag is a lost pet’s ticket home. Check with your local animal care and control agency for permanent methods of pet identification. License your pet as local law requires. Other important steps include keeping your cat and dog supervised at all times and having them spayed or neutered. – Post ads for free online for lost or found pets.  – Online classifieds for missing pets.


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