How to marketing your pet products in USA

Target Market


In the broadest sense, the overall consumer market for our product is all household pet owners with at least one dog or cat. The age group range from 21 and up. To be more specific, people who enter their pets in dog or cat shows. The scope of our product in this targeted market is huge. There are approximately 74.8 million dogs and 1.7 million cats owned in the United States by (U.S. Pet Ownership Statistics). 39% of US household own one dog, 25% own two dogs and 12% own two or more dogs. An average each owner owns almost two dogs which is 1.7. Moreover, approximately 34% of U.S. households (or 38.4 million) own at least one cat. Historically, 57% of American households today own either a dog or cat, a substantial increase from the four in ten households (44%) which had these pets in 1956 (American Humane Association). We as a marketer could assume that the opportunity of future business for our product is wide.


To reach this consumer market, our product will be sold through wholesalers to selected retailer and directly to major national retail chains. It will be also available on web retail sites such as Petsmart and Pet Supplies. At this moment, our product will be only available nationally in the U.S. because we want to make sure that we’ll be meeting consumer demand in one specific market before going internationally. Plans to expand our current market will be based on customers’ respond to our product in the U.S.



The present product is a grooming/cleaning apparatus assembly in the form of a radial hairbrush that separates into a head and a handle portion and that performs two different activities. In one aspect of the product, it will pick and collect falling or very weak hair from fur-bearing pets such as dogs and cats by using static electricity. In another aspect of this product, it will sanitize, condition, and deodorize a pet’s fur by utilizing different liquid compounds placed inside the brush handle or using different and interchangeable handles containing specific grooming substances.

First, the head portion of the brush will carry out the activity of attracting and collecting falling or especially feeble hair by means of static electricity. It is generally made of hard plastic and has a cylindrical shape. Inside the head portion, there is a lead-coated cavity that will house three small spheres made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a synthetic compound most well known by the DuPont trademark Teflon. These three small spheres whenever are moderately shaken and consequently rubbed against the lead-coated cavity’s wall will create static electricity. The amount of this type of electricity will depend on how long and how intense the PTFE spheres are shaken inside the brush head. Besides this head portion’s cavity and its three PTFE spheres, this part will include first and second rows of teeth made of vinyl (PVC). These teeth will serve as electrical conductors that will carry the already mentioned static electricity. Once the brush head is electrically charged, its teeth will attract and collect falling and weak hair whenever it is combed or passed onto the pet’s fur.


Furthermore, the head portion will have first and second columns of very little holes from which the sanitizer, conditioner, and deodorizer mixtures will be released. These liquid compounds will come from the handle portion of the brush through a thread connector placed at the very base of the brush head that will attach the brush handle to its head. This specific function is better described together with the brush’s handle portion’s explanation.

The brush handle part will perform the activity of containing and then releasing grooming substances to the head portion by squeezing its structure. It will be made of hard rubber and will have a bowling pin shape. As it was mentioned before, the handle portion will be attached to the brush head by means of a thread connector. Once the handle portion is correctly connected to the brush head base, it can be pressed or squeezed so that the liquid compounds contained inside its cavity start passing through the connector and begin to come out through the little holes located on the head portion. The amount of sanitizer, conditioner, or deodorizer will depend on how much pressure is applied to the handle. Once the grooming substance is finished, the handle can be filled up with water and serve as a cleaning tool for the head portion every time a different substance is used. The same squeezing or pressing methods will be applied for this purpose and will be repeated until the brush head is completely clean.

Needless to say, the handle can be interchangeable and refillable holding up to 8 FL OZ or 240 ML of any liquid compound. Since it will serve three main different purposes – sanitizing, conditioning, and deodorizing – the handle will have three different colors. A white-colored handle will represent its sanitizing function, a light purple-colored handle will mean its conditioning utility, and a gold-colored handle will indicate its deodorizer purpose.


Product’s value


Our product is new, ingenious and necessary and in some cases it might be even compulsory to own one. Many people want their dog or cat groomed at professional places, but the general public can’t afford to have their pet groomed at a groomer every time. This radial hair brush is the right grooming tool for grooming your pet at home. It’s 2 in 1 product, which is convenient and easy to use. It will save time and money for pet owners and create very productive quality time with their pets. Cats and dogs cannot look after themselves. They need a lot of love and care. Although cats require different grooming needs than dogs, routine brushing is beneficial.


Every dog and cat, regardless of size, breed, age, or coat type, needs to be groomed on a regular basis. Grooming is more than just a “beauty session” for your pet. Grooming is an essential part your dog health and physical wellbeing. Dogs which are consistently spruced up tend to have a better and shinier fur simply because the act of brushing and combing the dog’s hair stimulates the blood supply to the skin, thus making it in better health.


Regular grooming can prevent problems such as excessive shedding, skin and paw disorders, painful mats, and bad breath, as well as help you identify other problems that might go unnoticed without the extra attention. The care of furs varies and depends on the breed. Short-haired dogs require brushing while Terrier coats are plucked to remove dead hair. They may need some brushing and combing in between the plucking. Longhaired dogs are combed and then brushed. Mats are common and can sometimes be removed by teasing or picking apart with one or two teeth of a comb. Often they must be cut out but this must be done carefully so the skin is not also cut.


This radial hair brush can be used on many different breeds of dogs and cats. Frequent brushing of long haired pets will promote shiny and healthy coats and remove loose hair which could otherwise accumulate on furniture, clothing and present health problems for persons with allergic reactions or breathing problems.


Other users for the product

Animal shelters, pets’ spas and pet training schools may use this product, because it is very comfortable, convenient and easy to use. The price is really reasonable and affordable, which will guarantee consumer’s demand and, as a result, produce respectful revenue.


Product’s name

We naming the product “Pet’s Secret” because we believe that giving a pet personal attributes will look more appealing or attractive to prospective customers who would like their pets to look good or even in some cases better than them. We want to make sure that our product is NOT a regular grooming tool. We want our possible customers think and realize that “Pet’s Secret” is the only grooming accessory that really works. WHAT’S THE SECRET OF YOUR PET?


Environment analysis


Environmental scanning provides marketers with necessary information, opportunity, and threat that should be managed. Current social, economic, and technological life of our target market which is the people who own furred pet will have tremendous impact over the success of Pets Secret’s marketing strategy. The competitive products and present government regulations on pet’s products will bring the major obstacles in successful marketing of “Pets Secret.” as well. These obstacles and threats could be prevented and bring positive result toward the successful marketing by analyzing followings forces:


Social Forces: The families of the United States call them “Our children and fur babies, mommies and daddies, brothers and sisters” (USA Today). They are emotionally connected to their pets. The USA household who owns two pets spends an average $1700 per year on each pet. Having a pet in the family is now a custom of the American culture. According to USA Today “It’s no wonder we spend oodles on organic foods, shell out thousands when they’re sick, and lavish them with the kind of attention any human child would happily lap up, too.” A 63% of dog owners and 58% of cat owners surveyed said that they give their pets presents at Christmas. Also, 65% of cat-owning households, cats are permitted to sleep at night on some family member’s bed compared with 39% of dogs. It seems that the Americans are paying same attention to their pets as they do to their children. From the marketing point of view, this cultural custom of American is a crucial opportunity to promote “Pets Secret.” if a family can spend $1700 a year to buy organic food for their pets, they would love to spend $12.99 to make their babies look lovely. The range of “Pets Secret” in our market is enormous. As mentioned before, there are approximately 74.8 million dogs and 1.7 million cats owned in the United States by (U.S. Pet Ownership Statistics). 39% of US household own one dog, 25% own two dogs and 12% own two or more dogs. An average each owner owns almost two dogs which is 1.7. Moreover, approximately 34% of U.S. households (or 38.4 million) own at least one cat. In term of social forces according to these statistics we as a marketer could assume that the opportunity of future business for “Pet Secret” is wide.


Economic Forces: An uncovered macroeconomic issue could harm entire marketing strategy. The particular concern at the macroeconomic level is the inflation or recession state of current economy (Kerin, Hartley, Rudelius, Marketing, p. 78). Generally, if the price of goods or services increases faster than the consumer’s income, buying power of consumers decreases. This statement is a fact when economy is in inflationary state. On the other hand, when it is recessionary state of economy, unemployment rate increases. As a result, the consumer spending decrease or increases based on the state of the level of the economy. According to Bureau of Labor Statistic from 1999 to October 2009 the consumer Price Index (CPI) went up from $164.3 to $216.177 which is about 31.71%. Whereas, the GDP Per Capita of USA increase from 2000 to 2009, $33900 to $46300 which is proximately 36.57% increase nominally. The income or GDP Per Capita increased 4.86% more than the increased in price of goods and services. The other factor that might affect the marketing strategy is the increasing unemployment rate and slow growth of GDP. For instance, from January 2009 to October2009 official unemployment rate went up from 7.6% to 10.2%.While the real GDP growth for last three quarters in 2009 contracted from -3.30%, and -3.30 to -2.30%, which is an average decline of -3.13% in real GDP (Trading Economics, Global Economics Research. 11/21/09). Even though the economy had its down turn in recent years, the dog owners have acted differently. According to an online free article directory “Article Base,” posted that “Increasing Demand of Dog Fashion Accessories” shows that demand for dogs and cats accessories have dramatically increased. Some fashion design schools have even started offering specialized programs in Dog fashion designing and accessories. It seems that the economic down turn and unemployment rate has very little or no significance on dogs or cats products. Because pets Secret cost only $12.49, it would be a smart choice for dogs and cats owners who love fashion and cleanliness even this recessionary period of economy.


Technological Forces: The technology is continuously changing. Therefore, organizations are affecting both ways, negatively and positively. The dogs and cats owner are attracted by the usefulness of the technology. Pet products are already developed by Elam USA, a world leader in electroluminescent (EL) technology. Notable products are glowing collar and leashes powered by tiny replaceable batteries ( “The pet owners are always interested in new products that protect, certain, and comfort their four legs family member,” says Douglas Grabe, Managing Director of Atomic Products ( In our “Pets Secret” we used a magnetic energy that is capable of identifying overly week hair. This is possible because of improvement in manufacturing technology. Since the cost of technology is plummeting, the consumer value is directing to the quality, service, and relationships. The magnetic energy brings a huge value to the pet owners, no need to use batteries. It is high quality magnetic roller that easily usable.


Competitive Forces: These are the producers of similar products of “Pets Secret” who can provide the similar services and satisfy consumers. The degree of their services and goods is depending on the barrier of entrance to the market, bargaining power of buyer and supplier, and existing rivalries. In the pure competition market structure, it is very easy for other business to enter in the pet accessory industry. There are already many business organizations producing pet accessories specially grooming products. The internet base business offers products that have similar functions of Pet’s Secret, for example, “Lambert Kay Fresh ‘n Clean Cologne,” that supposed to give the dogs and their owners fresh feelings. The powerful buyer power is the competitive advantage for the manufacturer. There are about 188 suppliers around the world for the pet accessory industry.


Regulatory forces: government has posted restrictions state and federal laws on businesses regard to the conducts of its business. According to the NAICS code 5999 any role that apply for retail buss will apply to our “Pet’s Secret.” For example, A section A 5914- requires manufacturers or importers to assess the hazards of substances which they produce or import, and all employers to provide information to their employees about the hazardous substances to which they may be exposed, by means of a hazard communication program, labels and other forms of warning, material safety data sheets, and information and training. In addition, this section requires distributors to transmit the required information to employers” (General Industry Safety Orders”. Other than these laws the government protects competition by Sherman antitrust, consumer protection with consumer product satisfaction act 1972( Kerin, Hartley, Rudelius, Marketing. P. 86).


Competing products


“Pet’s Secret is a unique product. It can meet the needs of two attributes. Basically, “Pet’s Secret’ has no real competitors. It uses no batteries and is made of sturdy material. Let’s take a look at they don’t provide a product that is convenient enough to shed loose hair and provide an aroma. The customer would have to purchase two items to fulfill his/her needs. He/she would need to purchase “Lambert Kay Fresh ‘n Clean Cologne” which aids in control of pet odor between baths and can be purchased for $7.99. The customer needs to also purchase a product to remove dead hair. The customer might consider “FURminator”. FURminator is a shedding tool works like a large stripping comb. Its tiny metal teeth are not sharpened so it doesn’t cut the coat, but pulls out huge amounts of dead hair and can be purchased for $31.99. So if you were going to purchase the two items from this website your total cost would be $39.98 plus tax and shipping and handling.


If the customer wants to purchase such similar items at retail store such as Petland Discounts. An item they would consider is called Austin Rose Citrus Pet Air Freshener. The product eliminates pet odor, repelling insects, and eliminating airborne pollutants. The product can be purchased for $7.99. A tool that removes loose hair and undercoat effortlessly is called Furbuster Deshedding Tool & Blade. The product can be purchased for $24.99. If the customer bought both items their total would be $32.98 plus tax. Our price is way below that amount.

The initial price of “Pet’s Secret” will be $12.49. At this price a prospective customer will get the complete brush, its cylindrical case for proper storage and a specific handle of his or her choice. Individual colored handles containing different grooming substances will be priced at $4.99. Customers can always refill the particular handle for extensive use without having to buy new ones. After visiting different pet shops and reviewing online pet stores, we have concluded that this price is very competitive considering the functions it performs, collecting falling and weak hair and grooming pet’s fur. Most brushes and related items in these stores are priced between $7 and $32 dollars and only carry out one activity in most cases. We believe these competitive products do not satisfy as many customers’ needs as our product does.


Moreover, we want our possible customers believe they are buying two products for the close price of one. We also want them to think they are buying quality first before quantity. Pet’s Secret” is a product that will last longer if it is properly used. $12.49 will be the initial price of “Pets Secret” but this price will may increase if different changes or innovations are applied.



Our product can be obtained by ordering it from our commercial ad. Also, we will be supplying it to chain pet stores, small business pet stores and retail stores. We will advertise our product by commercials and billboards which would help pet owners get to know the product and get a visual of it. We chose chain stores such as, Petco, Petsmart etc. because they are known stores and it is located in many places of the United States. These stores’ locations are near communities which makes it easier for the customers to shop. However small business pet stores are located in neighborhoods and can be more convenient and trust worthy for the customers.


Unlike chain and small pet stores, retail stores such as, Wal-Mart, BJ’s, and Target has a great variety of merchandise for pets plus pet owners who shops at retail stores saves money. Our product can belong to any of these stores and be easily able to fit in their shelves because our product meets the needs and wants of pet owners. Our product has two things in one, first it is a grooming tool that collects weak hair such as cats and dogs’ fur and secondly it’s an aroma that sanitizes and deodorizes the fur and just for the price of $12.49. We are supplying these products where statistically speaking can be more easily sold to pet owners.




“Pet’s Secret” will come in a small rectangular cardboard box with a small attached hook on the back if the box is hanged on peg hooks. Since “Pet’s Secret” can be disassembled into two parts (the head and handle) it will be easy to place the product in such a small box. In addition, the front face of the box will have an opening covered by a clear plastic film from which “Pet’s Secret” can be viewed by shoppers.

This box will be made of 100% recyclable cardboard, strong enough to bear moderate weigh. It will be purple colored and its cavity will be plastic-covered to protect “Pets’ Secret” from water or humid conditions.




There are many types of advertising tools. Such tools are TV, radio, magazine, newspaper, billboard, internet and many more. Our product will be on the internet because it is cheaper than the other alternative methods. The subscription to make a website at is $19.99 a year. In addition, the website will create revenue for the company. Our prototype website will be This website will determine how effective our online camping is to the company. Additionally, we also have ads on Google,,, and many more well known sites.


Additionally, one of the media our group decided on is doing a TV commercial. We chose this specific media because there are many people who are influenced by TV. Statistics shows that an average American watches TV for about 4-5 hours a day. We feel a TV commercial can catch our customer’s attention quicker. It can help visualize what our product can do and what effects can it has. A commercial makes it easier for buyers to buy our product by calling our hot line. This means our customers won’t have to search for pet stores or retail stores while trying to determine if our product is being sold at their business. TV commercials can be more convincing for pet owners. Here are some statistics to TV watching and our reason for choosing a TV commercial.

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