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Please all share among your friends, we aim to educate general users in North Las Vegas, Nevada about the responsibilities of rehoming pets and to discuss, name and shame pages that encourage the selling of animals online. We are in the process of writing guidelines to anyone who feels it is really necessary to advertise pets, as to the proper rehoming responsibilities, once complete this will be available for you to cross post to these pages, the ones that care will change and it will highlight the money makers too in North Las Vegas, Nevada It is dedicated to helping you find your perfect Pet/Companion or sell your home-bred babies into knowledgeable, caring homes they deserve to have for the rest of their lives. As an introduction to the Website I am offering FREE Lineage ADVERTISING to Private Buyers and Sellers. You can also send a photo of your Pet for free inclusion on your Advert. you will see a selection of Topics and lists of Pet-related Contacts that I will be adding to the Website over time – with your help. We have a very comprehensive section on Hand-reared + Pet BIRDS. on all Breeds of Cage & Aviary Birds including their care, including a Free Advice Line for problems on Breeding, care or Medical Problems with your Birds . . . The Website also carries Hundreds of Adverts for Birds For Sale/Wanted & Equipment Adverts in North Las Vegas, Nevada . The Website supports our newly-formed ‘On-line’ Bird Club – Lakeland Parrot & Bird-keepers Club. GET IN TOUCH If you have a Litter of Puppies or Kittens for Sale (pedigree or not) If your little furry friend (Rabbit/Hamster etc.) has had babies and you want to sell/re-home. If you wish to sell your Pony/Horse or would like to buy a new one. If you want to Swap or Part-Exchange your Horse/pony for whatever reason. or would like to Share your Horse/Pony to help keep costs down and exercise levels up. If you have a Stud Dog, Cat or Stallion (all breeds) and wish to advertise their services. If you find yourself unable to continue to care for your pet – we can advertise it or advise you on how to go about getting it re-homed. If you want to advertise any Events (see side panel) I will have a Show Dates page. If you take in rescue Animals or are a Rescue Centre If you are prepared to Pet-sit or look after animals while people go on holiday Other than that, If you have 1 dog training 2 obedience dog training 3 dog training com 4 dog training collar 5 agility dog training 6 dog training school 7 tips dog training 8 house dog training 9 dog training behavior 10 dog training potty 11 free dog training 12 dog training classes 13 dog dog training 14 dog training club 15 dog training equipment 16 dog training supplies 17 hunting dog training 18 puppy dog training 19 crate dog training 20 home dog training 21 dog training books 22 gun dog training 23 pets dog training 24 bird dog training 25 dog training aids 26 dog training video 27 guard dog training 28 online dog training 29 police dog training 30 therapy dog training 31 service dog training 32 rescue dog training 33 protection dog training 34 guide dog training 35 electronic dog training 36 dog training tips online free 37 dog training leash 38 dog training dvd 39 dog training courses 40 dog training clicker 41 dog training barking 42 dog training aggressive 43 best dog training 44 basic dog training 45 dog training count This is a fast growing pet product and services, classifieds web site in USA. Its a totally free. Advertise your pets with petdelico and reached thousands of customers in North Las Vegas, Nevada