Parrots Behavior Further

Playing birds really play like a child! Not all behavior is a functional
biology. Birds are intelligent creatures will find something to do, instead
of just sitting around the cage, so there is enough available toys is very
Birds take catnaps cat nap throughout the day, this is completely normal,
especially if standing on one leg, while the birds perch nap. If the bird
is standing on two legs with its feathers filmed, he is either a cold or
illness may be.
Frozen in place, is the fear of a bird may freeze in place, he would not
want to be seen not move even a feather. This is because many predators’
eyes only picked up the sport, so they are difficult to distinguish between
inanimate objects.
Hide, may not want to be put back in the cage behind the cage (outside),
you hide, or find another place to hide the bird – who said bird brain is
not smart?
Aggression, and sometimes aggression normal behavior. Some birds get spring
and hormones may try to defend his cage. Other people may not like to be
treated in some way, or perhaps out of envy. In either case, there is
always a reason for aggression, once reason was found and appropriate
treatment can quell.

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