There are indications that some of the birds parrot behavior new absolute
mystery , but actually quite normal. The following are the top ten behaviors
that people often ask a rundown :

Many healthy birds beak grinding mill bill just before drifting off to sleep
This is a normal behavior, and , though why they do so can not be determined
, this is definitely a sign of contentment and comfort .
Triumphant day bird combing constantly keep their feathers clean. Dress
forever until it becomes “over- dressed ” a problem , you find that your
bird is actually chewing or picking up feathers.
Ruminant rumination is when an adult bird brought partially digested food
to feed partner or chick . It is closely own people Birds will spit out
their owner – a very sweet gesture , but totally unnecessary ! If you want
it to stop , you can thank the birds , then just casually walked away .
Not all are different and vomiting ; vomiting birds this is sick, vomit
is likely to stick around the face and chest feathers – bird needs medical
attention .

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