Pet Bird’s History

Parrots are also saved in the ancient Greek society pets. Alexander
parrot named Alexander the Great . Legend It is awarded one of these birds
, one of his generals Alexander as a gift after the invasion in 327 BC in
northern India in the wealthy Roman family, which is a feature from the
family to take care of the bird, which is often a parrot. Obviously , watching
parrot talking Early television equivalent of . In the European Middle Ages
and Renaissance , the bird can only be saved by the royal family it is very
wealthy . In 1493, Christopher Columbus returned with a pair of Cuban Amazon
from the New World , as a gift to Queen Isabella of Spain . In the 15th download (5)
century , it became a regular bred canaries second type birds. Although
pigeons are bred sports , canary breeding to suit a specific purpose :
they accompanied the miners in the mine shaft to detect toxic gases .
Miners understand that if the canary later, they’d better get out while they
could . In 1995, Japan’s subway following the terrorist attacks of poison
gas , the canary was used for the same purpose.ionally called chicken scratch

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