Pet cloning

Pet cloning is the cloning of a pet animal. The first commercially cloned pet
was a cat named Little Nicky, produced in 2004 by Genetic Savings & Clone for
a north Texas woman for the fee of US$50,000.[citation needed] On
May 21, 2008 BioArts International[1] announced a limited commercial dog
cloning service through a program it called Best Friends Again.
This program came on the announcement of the successful cloning of a
family dog Missy, which was widely publicized in the Missyplicity Project.
In September 2009 BioArts announced the end of its dog cloning service.
In July 2008, the Seoul National University created five clones of a dog
named Booger for its Californian owner. The woman paid $50,000 for this

Pets cloned pet animal cloning . The first commercial cloning of a pet cat
named Little Nicky , 2004, was cloned genes savings and northern Texas woman
for the US $ 50,000 cost of production .  In May 21,
BioArts International Company  announced a limited commercial dog
through a program called best friend again cloning service . The program for
the eldest of a family dog , which is widely publicized success of the
cloning project Missyplicity announcement . September 2009 BioArts company
announced the end of dog cloning service . images (9) in July 2008 , Seoul
National University created a clone called Bouguer its five California dog
owner . Woman paid $ 50,000 for this service

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