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Cat and dog food sales in the United Kingdom more than 140 one billion in
2005 in the United States and US $ 14.3 one billion £ In 2006 , the value
of the UK pet food market rose to just over 160 one billion £ pet food
major exporting countries in 2004 in France ( $ 9.93 million US dollars ) ,
the US ( $ 7.86 million US dollars ) and the Netherlands ( US $ 511 million)
, , and the main importer is Japan ( $ 7.18 million US dollars ) ,
Germany ( US $ 6.17 million ) and the UK ( US $ 563 million).

The Russian pet food production market didn’t collapse with the acute fall
of sales following the Russian ruble’s devaluation and decrease in the
population’s purchasing power, in spite of the large number of gloomy
forecasts at the beginning of 2015. images (13)

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