Pet Travel Scheme

Pet Travel Scheme ( “PETS”) is a system that allows easy access without going
through quarantine of animals between Member States . Specific animal is a pet passport information relevant official records , documents as part of the process. The effect is greatly accelerate and simplify travel animages (3)d animal transport between Member States , compared to the previous procedure, if regulations.

PETS initially introduced into the animal or return to British interests from
other EU countries , because in the history of Britain with strong controls
to prevent rabies quarantine period for many animals including import
compulsory six months. In October 1, 2001 in several EU countries introduced
the PETS scheme that animals are free from any Member State ( the right way )
to the recognition of any other member airlines . Over time the program has
been extended to other countries such as the United States , Canada, Australia

and New (4)

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