Pets and their health

If some do not meet the requirements of keeping animals as pets may be
detrimental to their health. An important question was inappropriate feed ,
which may produce clinical effects . Consumption by the dog chocolate or
grapes , for example , may prove to be fatal.

If certain types of pets eat houseplants can prove toxic. Examples
include the genus Philodendron and Easter lily ( This may cause a
cat with severe renal impairment ) and poinsettias , b
egonias , aloe ( be sick , or in extreme cases , kill the dog ) .

Livestock, especially dogs and cats in industrialized societies ,
is also susceptible to obesity. Overweight pets have been shown to
have developed diabetes , liver disease , joint pain , kidney failure ,
and a higher risk of cancer. Lack of exercise and high-calorie diet is
considered to be the main contributor to pet obesity.

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