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You may reason that because of his age, the puppy or kitten you’re considering buying may have not been at the breeding facility very long. You may think that by buying him, you will give him a good home, so where’s the harm? The harm is in perpetuating the conditions under which the animal was bred.

No matter how “reputable” you think your local pet store is, they are almost surely getting their kittens from a “backyard” kitten breeder. The majority of purebred kittens are the product of irresponsible “backyard” kitten breeders. These are people who make some easy cash by breeding their purebred cats and they often also sell kittens through the newspaper classified ads. Remember that most of these backyard kitten breeders don’t know about breeding for favorable health and temperament qualities, and they don’t know how to raise a properly socialized litter.

Why Adopt a Dog or Cat Over Buying?

Did you know that over 1,000 people per hour run a search right here looking to adopt a pet? Pet adoption is quickly becoming the preferred way to find a new dog, puppy, cat or kitten. Best of all, there are so many benefits when you adopt a dog or adopt a cat over buying. For instance, pet adoption will almost always be more affordable than buying a puppy for sale from a breeder or finding a kitten for sale from a litter. There are more benefits as well. Since pets in rescues and shelters usually come from a home where the owners ran out of money, got divorced, or had to move, it’s common to find that the dogs and cats on our website are already housetrained, good with kids, or do well with other pets. People are finding out that buying a puppy for sale from a breeder isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and the stress of training a puppy is too much these days. Best of all, rescues care for their animals, and the dogs and cats don’t leave the organization without having their shots and being taken to the vet. That means less stress, and more savings! So what are you waiting for? Go find that perfect pet!

What customers saying their local stores???

  1. Last fall I suddenly lost my best friend (my cat). I was desperate to get another rag doll to fill the void and puppies and kittens of (place) was the only place I could find that had rag doll kittens. They had a huge selection.

    The first thing I noticed was all of the kittens had runny eyes and dirty noses. I was concerned but the employees assured me that they were checked out by a vet and this was due to cat litter. I guess I was blinded by the cuteness of the kittens because I chose to buy a white kitten from them. The price was off-putting, $2200 plus tax. But I was in such a bad place after the loss of my cat that I was willing to pay an arm and a leg.

    The kitten I had chosen apparently had just arrived the night before. They told me he is 10 weeks old but is “too young to come home”. This should’ve been a red flag. I had adopted kittens as young as 8 weeks old and it was never an issue. I paid for the kitten and a few weeks later I returned to pick him up.

  2. With their sympathetic and caring look, they can talk you in to buying any thing. After loosing our precious cat so suddenly, my daughter started looking around to replace her Ragdoll cat with another. She went back and forth at least 3 times checking out their Raggy. The one she was interested in was $2200 plus tax. Now I’ve never ever paid this kind of money for any cat. The one we had just lost came from a shelter. Since no breeder had any available and wanting so much to have my daughter smile again we purchased Gavin. He had the sniffle at the time we were picking him up. They said not to worry, all kittens do.
    I’ve been a big fool, I can’t believe I of all people who has always rescued fell in to the scam of this horrible store.
    Our vet didn’t think this kitten was as old as they claimed it was, she also didn’t think it was a Ragdoll. He looked only cute for the first few weeks, but got uglier and uglier as time went by. He has non of the personalities a Ragdoll is so famous for. He has no social skill, no manner and is always asking for food. Now months later, now that I have my emotions in place, I’m told by Ragdoll breeders that first of all he is probably just part Ragdoll. Then the fact that it is so poor in socializing is because its from a kitten mill. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I’ve ended up with Gavin who was purchased for my daughter, she finds him too painful to be around after having such a perfect cat.
    This store assures you that all of their animals have paper work and they know their parents! Yeah right. The damn paper work says born In Missouri, that’s where they have all the mills!
    They also give one year health guarantee. I’ve called them few times in regards to getting reimbursed for my doctor bills, of course I’ve had no respond. I just pray to God that Gavin does not suddenly dies since I’ve gotten too attached to him and I’m sure I would not see a dime of what the guarantee covers.
    Readers, please don’t do what I did and purchase from a shop, first go with rescuing one, but if purebred  is what you are after do go with a reputable breeder.
  3. i came to this store yesterday to adopt a puppy and i didn’t know what to expect. i already knew that most puppies in puppy stores are from puppy mills, so that wasn’t a concern. (puppy mills break my heart and i know it’s bad to support them, but the only other option would be adopting an older puppy from a shelter, but my children wanted a new puppy…breeders were out of the picture…) but when i first pulled into the parking lot i was very surprised. the store appeared very ran down and was a little sketchy looking. as soon as i walked through the doors my heart broke a little. there had to be at least 5 kittens in each cage. that is no way to keep a living creature. not only that, but they were kept in the shop window..they’re kittens, not clothes. they looked healthy so i wasn’t that concerned for them. but they surely did look out of place. kittens do not belong in glass cages with poor ventilation. the store should keep the kittens in bigger cages and they should be kept in pairs. five kittens in one tiny little cage doesn’t provide the amount of space a kitten needs. anyway, back to the puppies. they were kept in pairs in the cages and they appeared pretty happy. they all looked healthy so that was made me feel reassured. i initially came into the store looking for a French bulldog but was turned off when i heard the price was 6,000 dollars! just because a dog is “rare” doesn’t mean you should have him at such a high price tag. come on…who would pay six grand for a puppy? whatever. anyway, the store clerk was very helpful and he seemed very nice towards the puppies. he was also pretty knowledgable. he allowed us to see each dog we were interested in adopting. they had more dogs in the back and i could imagine that they had at least 20 because they showed us 3 yorkies, 2 bulldogs, and 1 boxer…they showed another family 2 shih tzus…come on…that’s a TON of puppies. i ended up choosing an adorable puggle. he is adorable and has an amazing temperment. we are taking him to our vet tomorrow and we’re hoping he is a healthy little puppy. overall, our experience was good at this puppy store. i wouldn’t encourage people to adopt a puppy here, but i didn’t see anything that set off a red flag. the only red flag was the prices of the puppies! 2,100 for a puppy?! please. but i guess that’s the price you’ll pay if you choose not to adopt. the man who helped us was very nice and made our experience at this store positive. we hope all is well with our puppy and hope he stays healthy!
  4. 40 I had purchased a maltipoo from them about a month ago.  We took the dog home, and he was not eating.  After taking him to the vet for what we thought was a normal check-up, we discover the dog had Parvo – a very dangerous virus which dogs get from eating other infected dogs’ feces.  Since we had no other dogs at home, nor any possibility of him interacting with other dogs since we picked him up – he undeniably had gotten Parvo prior to us picking him up.

    Parvo needs intensive care and isolation, since it is a highly contagious virus.  The vet bill was astronomical, and when we called Place Puppies and Kittens to see what we should do, they said they would take him under their care as they had a vet on premises.  How nice of them….

    We bring him there, and they accept him with open arms… wouldn’t you think they’d want to be more careful about accepting a dog with Parvo to their facility, knowing how contagious the virus is?  WARNING:  If you purchase a puppy or kitten from this place within the next 6 months, be careful – there is a VERY BIG chance that your animal has Parvo.  It is THAT contagious.

So you should have properly search your local store before buying a pets.

Animal protection at the source

Breeding regulation laws requires breeder licensing and inspections and creates or improves minimum standards of care for the animals. This type of legislation is effective because inspections mean pet mill owners are held accountable to certain standards, and pet mills are less profitable when more money is invested in the care of the animals.

Consumer protection

Pet store disclosure bills require stores to post the animals’ health records, along with the name and location of the breeder, so that customers can see where the pets for sale were bred. On the USDA website, customers can view information about the breeder, including inspection history, violations and number of animals on-site, allowing consumers to make more informed decisions about whether they should purchase the pets.

Pet lemon laws offer better protection for consumers and greater recourse for buyers of sick pets. As with breeding regulations, these laws increase the costs of doing business for mill-supplied pet stores by requiring them to provide warranties.

Pet sales bans

Bans on the sale of animals in public places — such as highways, parking lots and flea markets — help protect pets, purchasers and the community. Public places are common venues for the sale of animals from mills and backyard breeders, and the pets being sold are usually underage, frequently ill, and not fixed or vaccinated (a public health concern), with no accountability on the part of the seller. Many are purchased impulsively and end up surrendered to shelters when the cost of caring for them becomes unmanageable.

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