RAW Feeding

BARF feeding domestic dogs , cats including meat and bones diet practices images
undercooked . BARF proponents believe that animals in the wild natural diet
is that it is the most ideal diet and try to mimic their diet similar domestic
companion. They usually opposed commercial pet food , which they consider
alternatives to poor feed ingredients . Opponents argue that the process of

feeding raw meat and the risk of foodborne illness will be greater than the
legendary benefits and no scientific studies have been completed to support
a variety of beneficial claims.

Pro BARF extremists often rhetoric, and refused to recognize any change
between the individual animal , nor needs, desires and aspirations of
the diet of these animals as for the owners . Any problems can be resolved
through diet , after switching to a raw diet if the problem persists, then
the dietary needs further refinement and adjustment. They tend to be
anti- veterinary , food anti-business , anti- cooked food , anti-food ,
often counter- fill .download

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