The Budgies

Because of their small price tag and easily available , budgies ( or parrot ) is often used
 as a throwaway birds - Tesco , disposable , easy to replace. This unfortunate attitude makes people pay attention to these birds from their affectionate personality - some even 
become very good talkative budgies , although small voice .

Now far beyond the color of your pet department store cheap remember green or
 blue arrival . They are usually timid at first, but can budgerigar gentle , 
patient treatment can be tamed and tightly bind to their human companions. For a very gentle child, budgies is an ideal pet.

Choose a good pet store to purchase any pets when they buy budgies particular
 importance is very important. Mass production is difficult to tame the birds 
, because they have not been socialized, and they are more prone to download (10)
life-threatening diseases .
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