Pet sitting services, training, walking in Thousand Oaks ,USA

Professional, Certified Dog Trainer in Thousand Oaks -Basic Obedience and Advanced Training (ie off leash training) in Thousand Oaks -Remote collar training in Thousand Oaks -Stopping unwanted behaviors before they start -Potty training, The importance of early socialization -Nipping/Preventing aggression before it starts -Excessive Barking, Separation Anxiety -Door Dashing -Hand signals (why we like as much as verbal signals) -The Good, Bad and Ugly of dog parks -The 7 common commands: sit, stay, down, come, off, heel, no -And many more services in Thousand Oaks Training can be started as young as 10 weeks or as old as 10 years for the dog and is much for the new dog owner as it is for the dog in Thousand Oaks . This will teach you how to better communicate with your dog. Human psychology is not the same as dog psychology. We have certified dog trainers in Thousand Oaks that has trained 1000’s of dogs. They design the training to the needs of the dog and owner. In addition, discuss nutrition, dog laws, how new people should approach your dog and how your dog should meet a new dog. Training is held at their own places with Pricing is $75/session in Thousand Oaks . Let us help you understand the REAL CAUSES behind you Dog’s behavior. No matter what issue you are dealing with we have it covered in our Videos and will end up with a stronger relationship with your special dog. These are things every dog owner should be taught the day you get your dog No dog is too old or too stubborn, they can all be helped when they are first properly understood and we are here to help you do just that. Here’s a list of some of the specific concerns we address in Thousand Oaks : • Dog Aggression • People Aggression • Aggression Towards Animals • Aggression Towards Objects • Barking On The Walk • Barking For Attention • Barking Around The Property • Barking In The Car • Barking When Left • Barking At The Door • Dogs Running Away • Separation Anxiety • Hyperactivity • Jumping Up • Jumping on Furniture • Pulling On The Leash • Not Coming When Called • Fears and Phobias • Obsessions DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER TO COMPLETELY ENJOY A PROBLEM FREE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU DOG!!!!!! Normal sitting rates are found in Thousand Oaks : 40$ for an overnight stay, which includes: Feed and change water for your cats, dogs, birds and fish if you have it. may water plants, clean the litter box, bring the mail in, throw trash. provide daily updates of their visit. Evening and morning 20 minutes of dog walking is included. Also offer other services, such as multiple visits per day in Thousand Oaks , CAT SITTING and DOG WALKING. They could visit your pet 3 times a day (Morning, Afternoon and Evening) If you got 1 DOG/CAT the price will be 15$ for one visit, 20$ for two visits and 25$ for three visits. If you got 2 DOGS/CATS the prices will be 20$ for one visit, 25$ for two visits and 30$ for three visits. If you got 3 DOGS/CATS the prices will be 25$ for one visit, 30$ for two visits and 35$ for three visits. Each visit include: Feed and water, litter box and playing with your pets for about 20 min, or take your dog for a walk. Let me know what else you might be looking for. They love to run with dogs if the dog is in a good physical shape; with more senior dogs I walk at a pace, comfortable to them. They only walk dogs from the same household at one time! This provides safety and the most personal attention to the needs of your dog. AWARD WINNING, Thousand Oaks “suburbs-based” pet sitter / dog walker,is any pet owners dream come true! Check out our website for a LIVE FEED on how you can “watch” your dog while you are away. PET CHECK TECHNOLOGY is the best way to watch US watch your pet! We take PRIDE in being THE trusted, compassionate and cuddly pet care company that graces you and your pets with a wide range of services in Thousand Oaks . Besides dog walking and pet sitting visits, is a friendly alternative to kennels and boarding, we can watch your pets in the comfort of your own home eliminating unneeded stress for you and your pet in Thousand Oaks . Our bonded and insured company additionally provides dog-walking and other pet care services arranged to suit your specific schedule and needs. Backed by several years of hands-on experience, They launched their own pet-sitting company in 2013 with the goal of connecting with clients in a truly special way. We know how important it is for you and your pet to feel safe and secure while you’re apart, which is why we aim to create a special bond that can help you both feel at ease.