What are the tips and guidelines when you Moving with Your Pet ?

Moving is a stressful time for everyone involved including our pets. Listed below are some things to help your pet better adjust and enjoy the new home with his family.


0       Try to keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible.


0       Talk to your vet about any medications you might need for carsickness or nervousness.


0       On moving day, confine your pet to one room or take him to a place where your pet feels safe.

This might be a friend or relative’s house. A nervous or anxious pet may try to sneak out an open door unnoticed. It is very hard to watch your pet, pack, and move furniture all at the

same time.


0       Make sure your pet is wearing tags with your new address and phone number.


0       Move any small animals like birds or hamsters in their cage covered with a piece of fabric. Be sure to remove anything that might come loose and harm the animal.


0       Gather everything your pet will need for the move like food, leash, bedding, medical records, water and toys. It is a good idea not to wash the bedding, as familiar smells will comfort the pet.


0       Try to unpack and settle in a bit before bringing the pet to the new home. Slowly let the pet explore the new home one room at a time.


0       For dogs, walk them around the yard and neighborhood on a leash.


0       For cats, keep them indoors and sit quietly while he explores.


0       If the cat has found a hiding place, don’t force him out. Provide him with access to food, water, and a litter box. In his own time, he will venture out. If your cat has previously been let outdoors, this is a great time to make him an indoor only pet. He will live a longer and

healthier life.


0       With a little patience, understanding, and love your pet will adjust in no time.

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