What will pet sitting cost your family?

Every home situation and pet is different. If you have only one pet, hiring a pet sitter may cost more than putting the animal in a kennel or boarding facility. But if you have two pets the costs may be no different, and if you have a crowd a pet sitter can even be economical! My rates are listed on the enclosed green page by species, number of pet(s), and number of daily visits. The charges reflect standard 2001 rates for a 20-25 minute visit with one dog or two cats in the Midwest (east and west coast rates are about 30% higher). By choosing CUPSS you will actually be paying HALF the standard rate, however, because each CUPSS visit is 45-50 minutes long! I believe in spending a lot of quality time with each pet, making sure they know they are loved and appreciated, not abandoned. I will never rush in, dump food and water into your pet’s bowls, clean a litter box or turn your dog out into your yard for 5 minutes, and rush out. I am in this business because I love animals and hate to see them suffer emotional pain without their beloved humans. I will never ignore your pet’s psychological needs, which I believe cannot be met in one or two 20 minute visits a day.   If you agree, you’ll want CUPSS as your pet’s caretaker. If you disagree, there are several other area pet sitters you can call. I think you will find, however, that their rates for a 20-25 minute visit are very close to my fees for a 45-50 minute visit.


All of CUPSS’ visits are made by me personally (I will never entrust your pet to an apprentice), so it is a must to BOOK YOUR RESERVATIONS EARLY. If you hate talking to the answering machine, send email to them. They check it several times a day, and a written record of your requested dates and number of visits is very helpful to have in your files. They can also reply to email late at night, when I do my office work, while it may take me several days to catch you by phone. But whether by phone or email, book as soon as you know you need a sitter.

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