Each animal reacts differently to being away from his or her own turf. Some may be OK with giving up their comfortable and familiar surroundings of home to be boarded/caged in a noisy place full of animals they’ve never met. Others may feel abandoned or punished. Can you truly enjoy your well-deserved vacation knowing that your beloved pet may be fearful, confused, and upset? Boarding your pets can also expose them to health risks – contagious diseases and fleas, for example. If your pet is safe in its home, it will remain as healthy as when you left it. That warm fuzzy face will be at the door to greet you after you’ve dragged yourself off the last plane connection, perhaps hours late, long after the kennel or clinic has closed for the night. Your pets will still miss you, but staying in their own home assures them that they have not been abandoned. And I make sure they are well cared for, and know they’re still loved!

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