Why Pet Insurance? and what are the available insurance providers ?


Pet insurance can give you peace of mind in the event your pet is ill or has an accident. It can also help reduce the financial stress of providing necessary medical attention to your pet in the even of an emergency. As with our own health care, providing proper veterinary care in the even of an accident or serious illness can be costly.

Trupanion (formally Vet Insurance) – www.trupanion.com


Trupanion only covers sickness or injury. It does not cover routine care, veterinary exams or pre-existing conditions. However it does cover hereditary disorders, congenital disorders, diagnostic tests, surgeries, medication and chronic or recurring conditions. This plan does not cover hip dysplasia unless you opt to include this in your policy. In order to be eligible for hip dysplasia coverage, your pet has to be enrolled before their 1st birthday.

This plan will provide unlimited lifetime coverage if your pet becomes sick or injured. They pay 90% of the veterinary bill minus the initial exam and a deductible. With Trupanion, there are coverage limitations if your pet is not spayed or neutered by 1 year of age or according to your vet’s recommendation.


The deductible on this insurance depends on how much you want to pay. You can pick from a $50 dollar deductible up to a $1000 dollar deductible. The deductible you will choose will determine the monthly cost of your plan.

The monthly premium you pay is based on your pet’s age at the time of enrolment. Once you enrol, however, the monthly premium remains the same for the life of your pet. Trupanion encourages enrolling your animal before 1 year of age. The prices also will differ if you live in a major city compared to a small town. The premiums are also based on your pet’s breed. It may cost more for certain breeds because of specific health problems that are more common to some breeds. Premiums may also change over time with inflation rates. It is easy to get an idea of cost for your pet by visiting the Trupanion website. They offer a Complementary Care Package which includes Hip dysplasia (and acupuncture, hydrotherapy, behavioural modification, kidney transplant and physical therapy) for an extra fee per month (depends on an animal’s age) and an Addition Benefits Package which includes rewards for lost pet, third party property damage, boarding fees, cancellation costs and cremation or burial costs for an extra $4.95 per month.

Petsecure – www.petsecure.com

Petsecure covers up to 80% of veterinary exams, accidents, illnesses, dental procedures (this includes cleaning and polishing), MRI, CT scans, x-rays, surgeries, cancer treatments, hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament problems, prescription medications, after hours emergency visits, specialist referrals, medical devices, hospitalization, alternative therapies (chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies), hereditary conditions and behaviour therapy.

Other benefits from insuring with Petsecure are:

Boarding kennel fees (if you are hospitalized and cannot care for your pet) -$1000/incident

Holiday cancellation (if your pet gets sick/accident requiring lifesaving treatment) – $1000/incident

Cremation or burial – $1000

Lost pet advertising (if your pet is lost or stolen, will pay cost of advertising and reward) – $1000/incident

In memoriam donation – $50

There are 4 different coverage plans with Petsecure; Secure 1, Secure 2, Secure 3 and Secure 4 + preventative care. Each level has increasing amounts of coverage in dollars paid per accident or illness and may have special coverage for procedures or categories not included in other levels, such as dental coverage. Of course more complete coverage comes with a higher monthly premium.


Pet Care – www.petcareinsurance.com

Pet Care insurance has multiple programs to choose from depending on the coverage you desire and your financial situation. Some of them have 70%, 80% coverage or you can opt for 90% coverage. There are some select plans that pay 100% of your veterinary costs. If you are enrolling your elderly pet, there are insurance programs especially for them. For Pet Care, an annual physical exam and adherence to a recommended vaccination program must be performed as required by Pet Care coverage. Pet Care offers many different programs and it is helpful to visit their website for more complete details. There are programs for purebred dogs (MasterCare coverage), indoor cats and if you are renting a property there is even a specific insurance available in case your animal causes any damage (TenantCare). There are some plans where coverage includes wellness plans for vaccinations, physical exam and even dental cleaning. There are additional benefits including trip cancellation insurance, boarding kennel fees, prescription food coverage, microchip discounts and more.

The deductibles differ within the coverage provided; so on one specific policy the illness deductible could be $200, while accident deductible is only $50. The deductible you pay also depends on the age of your pet, and increases, as your pet gets older.

With Pet Care insurance, there are some breed exclusions that may lead to a higher monthly premium. When you enrol, be aware that you may be eligible for certain discounts. For example, there is 10% off if you enrol two or more pets, 10% off if your animal is a medical service pet and 5% off if your enrol two pets, one being a cat.


Petplan – www.GoPetplan.ca

Petplan is a new insurance company introduced into Canada. This insurance company offers three different plans, Bronze, Silver and Gold depending on the plan you would like to select. This policy covers both hereditary and congenital conditions in both pure breeds and mixed breeds.

On each plan you may choose your deductible from $200, $100 or $50 and you may choose what percentage of your veterinary expenses you want to be reimbursed from 80%, 90% or 100%.

With the Bronze plan you get up to $8000 per year to cover veterinary expenses related to illness or injury to your pet.

With the Silver plan you receive up to $12,000 of veterinary expenses per year. This plan also includes up to $250 for advertising and reward in the event your pet is lost or stolen, up to $250 for boarding kennel fees (in the event you are ill or hospitalized and cannot care for your pet) and up to $250 if your pet is lost or stolen and is not recovered during the policy period.

With the Gold plan you have up to $20,000 of coverage for veterinary expenses per year. In addition there is up to $500 for advertising and reward if your pet is lost or stolen, up to $500 for boarding kennel fees (if you are ill or hospitalized), $1000 payment if your pet dies from illness or injury and up to $1000 vacation cancellation coverage in the event your pet becomes ill or injured and disrupts scheduled holiday plans.

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